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Because She Deserves It - Gift Hamper
Because She Deserves It - Gift Hamper
Because She Deserves It - Gift Hamper

Because She Deserves It - Gift Hamper

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1 x Mimosa Botanicals Bath Soak Bottle 250g

1 x SSAINT Perfume - your choice of scent, decription below

1 x XL Deluxe Candle  - Jasmine, Rosewood & Pepper

 All packaged up and presented beautifully in a gift box, with ribbons & your personalised card message.

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Modus Vivendi
Like Kerouac’s fabulous roman candles, you burn for everything life has to offer. You’ve paraded across the earth’s plains, sailed on vivacious seas, and slept soulfully in long-forgotten forest ruins.

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know, you are the rich scent of wild, seductive nature: cardamon, cedarwood, sandalwood, leather and musk.

Cosmic Bang
Like the arresting nostalgia of an ocean tide at midnight, it is lightning’s crack wrapped soulfully in silk, a complex fusion of mystery and equilibrium.

The androgynous scents of black tea, bay leaf, hay, bergamot and tobacco transport oneself to an ancient earth accentuated by the delicacies of musk, fig and cedar.

Twenty Two
The air before an earth-breaking storm, thunder’s promising rumble, a low fire crackling as shadows flicker. A snifter of brandy and a lingering, shared glance. The relief of the falling rain.

Notes of smooth amber with a resinous, woody foundation: for those with strength of character and a desire to live in each rich moment.

During dusk’s golden hour, rays of sunlight reach down from the vast sky and fill your world with possibility. Explore the border between day and night, past and future, thresholds and transformation. 

Let warming notes of orange flower petals, cloves, chestnut and vanilla open a doorway to your true self.

Because She Deserves It - Gift Hamper